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El Tesoro Extra Anejo 85th Anniversary 750ML

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El Tesoro Extra Anejo Tequila 85th Anniversary
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El Tesoro Extra Anejo Tequila 85th Anniversary aged in Bookers Barrels 750ML

To create this unparalleled expression, we worked with our friend and Jim Beam Master Distiller, Fred Noe, aging our tequila in the legendary Booker’s 30th anniversary barrels for over three years. The result is a complex spirit layered with sweetness, oak, and cooked agave. It’s a tequila deserving of the legacies that brought it to life.

Tasting Notes: Nose Cooked agave, cherries, seasoned oak, leather, spices, molasses, vanilla, toffee and a touch of maple syrup.

Palate: Sweet, liquorish, cooked agave, black berries, oak, almonds, banana, tobacco, spices, coffee, caramel and pepper.

Finish: Sweet, long & creamy, with a touch of spices.


Extra Anejo
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