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Dewars Highlander Honey 1L

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Dewars Highlander Honey

is a blended scotch whisky with honey infused in it.

1L Blended Scotch Whisky, Scotland


Product of:
Blended Scotch

Product Reviews

11 reviews Write a Review
  • 5

    The "BEST" Honey Liquor

    This is my favorite Honey flavored liquor- still not sure why it is discontinued! Again- Liqour Barn to my rescue!!!

  • 5

    A Great Flavored Dewars Scotch Discontinued

    I had found my go to, Honey flavored whisky, only to find that it has been discontinued. Liquor Barn to the rescue- Thanks!

  • 5

    Best Sipping Scotch for Those with a Sweet Tooth

    I like the unique taste of scotch, but mixes add to the calories and I don't need the extra sugar/carbs. I tried numerous blends and whiskey w/honey and the taste was overpowering. Then, I tried Dewars Highlander Honey. OMG! I was hooked after the first sip. Straight over ice it's awesome! Unfortunately all my nearby stores and big name liquor stores no longer carry it. :-( Thank goodness I found LiquorBarn online.

  • 5


    There are those who think the word "sweet" and the word "Scotch: don't belong in the same sentence—but they are dead wrong .There is nothing on earth like Highlander Honey. It has a splendor to it that ordinary Scotch lacks—a kind of royalty. It is gentle and provides an unparalleled combination of the depth of Scotch with the delicate touch of honey on the edge: twice as much fine experience as ordinary Scotch. Try it! It's habit-forming!

  • 5

    Fantastic Scotch Whiskey

    Unbelievable flavor. So smooth and delicious. Thanks for sending to me so promptly.

  • 5

    Best product and price

    I have come to enjoy the highlander honey. What I do is mix it with the regular Dewars and it becomes a little smoother. It is barely available in fForida, so that is why I came to the Liquor Barn thru the internet. I hope you continue to have it available. Thanks .

  • 5


    The delivery was excellent, will buy here

  • 5

    Becoming a rare item, cannot find in retail in FL

    Not as sweet as other honey whiskeys!

  • 5

    Smooth & sweet

    Perfect after dinner drink,straight or on the rocks.

  • 5


    This is the best Scotch. Sooo smooth.

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