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Dewars Carribean Smooth 8 Year 750ML

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Dewars Carribean Smooth 8 Year
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Dewars Carribean Smooth 8 Year 750ML

Caribbean Smooth's unique blend of flavors and cultures is the end result of a complex and long-term process. Dewars blended up to 40 single malts and grain whiskies that have laid in casks for at least 8 years. Then they double-aged that blend in order to ensure their distinctive extra smooth Dewars profile.

The scotch sat for six months in casks that once held Caribbean rum. These casks provided the finishing touch. The casks were sourced straight from the Caribbean and brought to Dewars aging warehouses in Glasgow to be filled with the flavorful 8-year-old blend.

Caribbean Smooth has a unique flavor profile, subtle notes of apple, caramel, and biscuity cereal that slips into dark brown sugar and tropical fruit.


Blended Scotch
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