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Demetrio Blanco  Tequila 750ML

Our Blanco is smooth and refreshing. Made from 100% certified blue agave by the master distillers of Demetrio, its unique blend is the result of decades of experience, tradition and innovation meant to satisfy even the most demanding of tequila aficionados. Double distilled in stainless steel, its bright and clean flavor lends itself as an excellent companion for any drink, whether combined with exotic fruit juice to prepare the most delicious cocktails, or simply as a chilled shot.



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    Great Value

    Usually when you read "Great Value" in the tag line, it means mediocre juice at a low price, not the case here. This is great juice that reminds me of Fortaleza Blanco, really. The nose is vegetal/olive/citrus with plenty of agave. The taste is similar ... plenty of sweet agave & vegetal notes with a spiky/white pepper finish. Very sip worthy.

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