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Dahlia Cristalino Reposado 750ML

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Dahlia Cristalino Reposado
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Dahlia Cristalino Reposado 750ML

TASTING NOTES: Starting with the finest estate grown 100% mature Blue Weber Agaves, our sustainable production process extracts the best o f each piña leaving very little waste. The Tequila is then aged in oak barrels until it achieves the desired richness of the most robust Reposados. The last step in order to become Tequila Dahlia, is to be purified through the most advanced charcoal filtration technology, reducing impurities and resulting in Dahlia’s signature, clean flavor.

NOSE: Delicate minerality, subtle peach, hints of oak

TASTE: Vanilla, anise, a touch of honeydew and subtle floral notes

FINISH: Long finish of cooked agave and smooth butterscotch


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