Cedar Ridge Make Your Own Whiskey Kit 750ML

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Product of: USA
Varietal/Type: Whiskey
Size: 750ML


Cedar Ridge Make Your Own Whiskey Kit

is a kit you can use to actually make your own whiskey. Here are the step by step directions:

Prepare the barrel:
    Fill the barrel with water & empty two or more times until the draining water is clear. This removes any charred wood debris.
    Place the spigot in the head of the barrel. Fill the barrel with warm water. Place in a sink and fill sink with water. Let barrel sit for two hours in sink.
    As the oak expands, "snug up" the metal hoops to ensure they are securely in place. DO NOT nail or screw in hoops as this will ruin the barrel.
    Pull barrel from sink and place on stand. Check for leaks. If leaks occur, place back in sink and repeat process.

Add the Cedar Ridge Unaged Whiskey:
    Pour the Cedar Ridge Unaged Whiskey into the cured barrel.
    Top off with fresh, clean water until the barrel is full.

Age Your Own Whiskey:
    The time your spirit ages & mellows in the barrel reflects your personal taste.
    The small barrel size allows the alcohol to more quickly leach into the charred interior and extract the caramel and vanilla flavors and color that make whiskey grand.
    Every two weeks, rotate your barrel 1/4 turn in either direction and sample.
    Your whiskey is done when you say it's done.


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