Canadian Ltd Canadian Whisky 1.75L

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Product of: Canada
Varietal/Type: Whiskey
Size: 1.75L


Canadian Ltd Canadian Whisky

is lighter and smoother than its peers. It is considered a blended whiskey because a base spirit is mixed with finished whiskies to create this Blended Whisky.

1.75L, Blended Whisky, Canada

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LTD Whisker, Zwack, and Bartons Vodka Reviews
Written by Troy on 28th Feb 2020

Canadian Ltd whiskey: An inexpensive whiskey with a smooth and sweet flavor. Excellent rail mixer. Bartons vodka: Inexpensive rail quality vodka. Decent mixer, but not for straight consumption. Zwack: Good as a straight shot, or mixed with red bull. Reminds me of Jeagermeister, but with a lighter taste and a smoother, far less syrupy consistency. Quite enjoyable.

Canadian Blended Whiskey
Written by John on 5th Apr 2018

This blended whiskey is smooth, with a nice wood aged aroma and caramel taste.

l t d 1.75 liter
Written by michael thomas wyzykowski on 29th Jan 2017

The best money can buy!!

ltd canadian1.75liter
Written by michael thomas wyzykowski on 26th Oct 2016

It's the best money can buy try some today

canadian ltd
Written by michael thomas wyzykowski on 12th Sep 2016

Its the best money can buy !!! Try some today...youll be happy y did ...

Canadian LTD
Written by undefined on 22nd Apr 2014

I used this whisky for mixed drinks as well as drinking strait, not to bad for either use.

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