Caliche White Rum 750ML

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Product of: USA, Puerto Rico
Varietal/Type: Rum
Size: 750ML


Caliche White Rum

"Age/Blend: White rums are usually not aged. Caliche has FOUR different aged rums (3,4,5 and a small portion of Solera - 3 stacked layers of barrels) which add a particular character aroma and depth.
Caliche uses the Solera System. There is a 3 layer arrangement of casks. When using Solera rum for production you take the maturate from the lower layer casks, which are the oldest. Those casks are then refilled with product from the casks in the middle layer. Maturate from the upper layer is then used to refill the casks in the middle one to replace what was used
Fermentation: A blend of the finest Caribbean molasses is chosen. We use a proprietary selection in a short fermentation cycle which produces a cleaner alcohol.
Distillation: 5x distilled for purity and balance.
Filtration:Treated with special charcoal blend to remove color build up during aging.
Taste Profile: Clean balance of vanilla flavor with a hint of oak followed by notes of caramel.
Perfect on the rocks with a splash of lime.
Blends well with standard mixers, in any rum cocktails and artisanal drinks." -Producer

750ML, Puerto Rico

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