The Best Ice Cream and Booze Milkshakes

When the mercury creeps past 90, nothing beats a cool scoop of ice cream. Except maybe ice cream floats and shakes. If you’re having a party or just want a fun and yummy dessert on a hot day, try out one of these awesome ice cream and booze combos. Come by Liquor Barn for a wide selection of liqueurs, spirits, and beer to mix with your favorite ice cream, or visit our online store. Here’s five of our favorite boozy ice cream milkshakes for the summer.

Salted Caramel and Bourbon Milkshake

Salted caramel is a delicious topping to vanilla ice cream. When you add a kick of Kentucky bourbon and blend it all together, you have a perfect balance of buttery molasses sweetness from the caramel, the smokiness of bourbon, and just a hint of saltiness to round it off. Combine the caramel with your favorite brand of vanilla ice cream and drizzle it off with a little extra sauce for a truly sinful treat. Get the recipe here.

Bananas Foster with Rum Milkshake

Bananas foster is a 50s diner classic: caramelized bananas sitting in a boozy sauce with a rum or whiskey base, topped off on pancakes. For this milkshake, they make a great complement to vanilla ice cream—or frozen yogurt, if you’re trying to be all healthy and whatnot. Add in a touch of cinnamon and some freshly grated nutmeg if you have it around. The result is a slightly spicy, frothy beverage that goes down easy on a hot summers’ eve. Get the recipe here.

Funfetti Vodka Milkshake

If you celebrate a birthday in August, this milkshake is the perfect way to chalk up another year around the sun. How can you say no to sprinkles and cake batter ice cream? You can’t. This milkshake is easy to make: take cake batter ice cream (or if you can’t find it, vanilla ice cream mixed with your favorite box of cake batter) plus white chocolate liqueur, cake flavored vodka, and frosting plus sprinkles to top it all off. Get the recipe here.

Kahlua and Bailey’s Oreo Milkshake

Sometimes one kind of booze isn’t enough, and you just have to mix. In this case, shots of Irish cream and coffee liqueur combine with the satisfying texture and taste of Oreos. What’s cool about this recipe is it calls for non-dairy almond ice cream to be used instead of standard dairy ice cream, so this is a great choice for lactose-sensitive folks who still want to enjoy a frothy milkshake. Get the recipe here.

Limoncello Milkshake

Lemony desserts are always a treat during the hottest part of the year. That’s why this milkshake is sure to be a hit. It’s simple to make: all you do is blend up vanilla ice cream, limoncello, milk, and ice. Get the recipe here. 

18th Aug 2017