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Most Popular Beer and Liquor among Midwest Football Fans

Most Popular Beer and Liquor among Midwest Football Fans

Beer and liquor among Midwest football fans

At the end of 2015, Nielsen, the surveying heavyweight, joined BARTENDr, a data analytics and social networking app centric on alcohol, in conducting a study that looked at Twitter activity of football fans across 32 NFL franchises. They specifically looked at how these fans engage with beer and liquor brands and were able to come up with which brand is most popular among which teams.

Below are the favorite beers and, most importantly, liquors among a few of the largest Midwest football franchises in the NFL. Get inspired for your drink when you watch the next game.

Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears fans’ liquor of choice is Evan Williams, with the beer favorite coming in as a tie between Coors and Guinness, which is a little surprising for Chicago beer drinkers.

Evan Williams is a Kentucky bourbon whiskey manufactured by Heaven Hill, which also makes its own brand of vodka. Evan Williams is aged for at least four years, like most bourbon. Evan Williams makes its famous black label, which is its standard bourbon, but the distillery also produces a white label bourbon and the “Evan Williams 1783” bourbon.

Cincinnati Bengals

While Cincinnati Bengals fans interact most with beer company Bud Light, their refinement shows in the favorite liquor: Hennessy.

Hennessy is a cognac from, surprise, the Cognac region of France. Hennessy sales comprise more than 40 percent of total global cognac sales. Hennessy is actually a very diverse product with 20 different Hennessy cognac products, some of the most popular being Hennessy X.O, Privilege V.S.O.P, and Hennessy V.S. Of course, a cognac distillery with a pedigree dating back to 1765 has something special in the barrels, too. Hennessy has cognacs going back to 1860, and some more recent cognacs made with very limited runs, as low as 100 units produced.

Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers fans fall in line with Cincinnati Bengals fans in loving Bud Light, but the cheeseheads up north prefer Captain Morgan in liquor.

Captain Morgan is rum produced in Puerto Rico and has many different looks and flavors. From Parrot Bay to Black, Captain Morgan has nine variants that offer something for everyone. Captain Morgan rum is named for Sr. Henry Morgan, a 17th century privateer, which is an independent person who owns a ship and is hired by a government to pillage enemy ships during war. Not quite a pirate, but close enough. 

14th Jan 2016


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