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Brewery Spotlight—10 Barrel Brewing

Brewery Spotlight—10 Barrel Brewing

In this month’s brewery spotlight, we’re checking out 10 Barrel Brewing which was founded in 2006 by three natives of Bend, Oregon. Since then, they’ve expanded their operation with pubs open in Boise, Portland, Denver, and San Diego—but they’ve kept things tightknit, with the ‘team’ feeling more like an extended family of beer-loving adventurers.

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16 Barrels

Billed as an American Strong Ale, this beer pours with a somewhat cloudy golden body and a small, pale head. On the nose, you’ll catch hints of wine barrel oak, sweet orange peel, and bourbon—quite a delightful mix if you ask us.

The taste is even more diverse, with hints of banana and dark fruits coming through. Despite being a strong ale, this is an easy going brew with a nice malt flavor, moderate carbonation and a nice sweetness about it. Drink up!


This is their ‘Baltic-inspired’ take on the Imperial Porter—a beer which they describe as marrying “milk chocolate, figs, and caramel that dance throughout.” It pours black with a nice crisp head and a lovely aroma of bourbon, vanilla, and oak.

Taste-wise, all the aforementioned flavors are there, as well as hints of dark fruit and sweet bourbon. To drink, it’s medium bodied and smooth.

Dark Hyde

10 Barrel’s Dark Hyde is one of the better dark IPAs you’ll find, with a beautiful aroma that brings out bready malt and lightly roasted pines. While the flavor isn’t quite as pronounced as you’d expect for an IPA, it’s smooth to drink and surprisingly dry on the palate. And, as expected, this beast pours black with a nice tan head to top it off.


The Mishawaka, with its enticing golden glow, smooth body and hoppy aroma and taste, has everything you’d want for an easy going afternoon beer. Delicate and well-balanced, you’ll enjoy the hints of orange peel, cereal malts, and pines.

Raspberry Crush

Fruity and ever so tart, this Berliner Weisse makes for a really good summer refresher. It has a nice grapefruit color and a bold, pink head. It also has a divine raspberry aroma and tastes of, well, raspberry. It’s a very crisp flavor though, a bit like champagne—and this is because champagne yeast is used in the brewing process, making this beer that little bit more interesting.

8th Dec 2017


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