7 Lagers That Make for Easy Drinking

7 Lagers That Make for Easy Drinking

Sometimes you just want to drink a pint of suds. It doesn’t always have to have some multi-million dollar branding campaign behind it, or four different kinds of hops. Yes, the lager hasn’t exactly gotten much love lately, but we do owe this unpretentious blue-collar beer a little bit of love. Here are some of our favorite lagers. Look for lagers and more at any one of our Chicago-area locations

Sam Adams Boston Lager

As the legendary New England-based brewery is proud to say, “This is the beer that started it all.” Boston Lager goes down smooth but still packs a refreshing and crisp flavor thanks to Hallertau Mittelfreuh and Tettang Tettnager Noble Hops. Pour yourself a frosty one.

Great Divide Hoss Rye Lager

This Oktoberfest-inspired lager beer from Great Divide is a surprisingly robust beverage. Its brilliant red-orange color hints at the spicy, earthy complexities that await when you sip it from the bottle. Just a slight touch of cherry and dark fruit on the palate makes this a more sophisticated lager than most.

Anchor California Lager

This 4.9% ABV lager from San Francisco’s Anchor Steam Brewing is a chilled-out, California ode to what the lager should be. 2-row pale malt and California cluster hops make this an ideal lager for drinking. Pair it with your best rendition of an In-N-Out burger and you’re good to go.

Narragansett Lager

It doesn’t get more American than ‘Gansett, this workhorse beer of New England that’s been around since the 1890s. Crisp and refreshing, yet still full on flavor, this lager beer is a year-round classic. Drink it while you watch the big game or crack one open after a long day at work.

Big Bend Tejas Lager

This slightly floral, slightly spicy beer from West Texas embodies everything that’s to love about the Lone Star State: a big, bold, welcoming flavor, from first sip to last. Tejas lager gets its water from the rugged mountains that drain into the Rio Grande, which flows not far from their brewery in high-elevation Alpine, Texas. You’ll know it when you taste it.

Green Flash Sea to Sea Lager

A light straw yellow with foam that’s white and pure as the Pacific Ocean, San Diego’s Green Flash Sea to Sea Lager is an homage to the good times of summer that America’s finest city has always been known for. This lager has light, fruity hop notes and a crisp, clean finish.

10 Barrel Pub Beer

“Brewed to crush” is the slogan that Portland’s 10 Barrel Brewing company affixes to this everyday workin’ Joe of beers. It’s a lager. It’s got flavor. It won’t slow you down. If you want an unpretentious lager that goes down easy, Pub Beer is the one for you. 

27th Jan 2017