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5 of Our Favorite Super Bowl Beer Ads

5 of Our Favorite Super Bowl Beer Ads

Oh, boy. We’re so close to Super Bowl LI (that’s 51, for those who don’t understand Roman numerals), between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. In honor of The Big Game, you deserve a frosted one. Since the game will probably last about four hours, you’ll have plenty of time to sip on a beer or two. And besides the action itself, we all know that the commercials are why most people watch. Here are some of our all-time favorite ads for (what else?) beer. Which one is your favorite? If you go out to watch, just a friendly and caring reminder from all of us here at Liquor Barn to have a designated driver, or take a cab back home after the game.

Back to the Stone Age, Bud Light, 2008

This video ad draws a chuckle for its very humorous take on what it would be like to go to a party 25,000 years ago. Somehow those poor cavemen have managed to find a hoard of Bud Light, but can’t think of a good method for pushing it. Then their buddy shows up with a hulking stone wheel—which only makes things worse. Or funnier, depending on your perspective.

Terrell Owens News Conference, Coors Light, 2009

He’s been out of the NFL for a few years now, but former star wide receiver Terrell Owens was always a character in front of the mic. This classic commercial sees him having a fictional conversation with three beer ponging bros. The big question: would TO be more upset that his team lost, or that he lost at beer pong?

Jim Mora “Playoffs,” Coors Light, 2010

Another excellent/awkward act of film splicing, Coors Light released this video ad to much fanfare. You can’t help but laugh when the dude in the press room asks if they should talk to girls at their party about the playoffs. “Playoffs? Don’t talk to me about playoffs?!” the beleaguered coach exclaims.

Puppy Love, Budweiser, 2014

You might shed a tear watching this heart-warming video ad from Budweiser. A runaway pup keeps breaking free from its adopted owner and returning to its original home—a farm with lots of Budweiser’s iconic Clydesdale horses. As the puppy is transported back home by its annoyed owner, a group of horses escape onto the road and block the car—with puppy inside—from leaving. Oh, the feels are real!

Unfiltered Talk, Shock Top, 2016

A seemingly endless streak of snappy one-liners between actor TJ Miller and the orange mohakwed mascot of Shock Top, this video addelivers some notable zingers: “You look like your pet turtle is the only one you can lean on for emotional support.” “Derek’s a good listener.”

3rd Feb 2017


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