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Beluga Gold Line Vodka 750ML

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Product of: Russia
Varietal/Type: Vodka
Size: 750ML


Beluga Gold Line Vodka


Vodka Beluga Gold Line is a chef-d'oeuvre of vodka production that requires a lot of time and effort, since technological process of this product creation requires a big deal of manual work, which provides for very careful processing of each element.

This beverage recipe is unique and complicated. A technological cycle of production of the noble vodka Beluga Gold Line takes three months. The basis for this vodka is made by hyaline artesian water from Siberian springs, and malt spirit. Specific feature of malt spirit manufacture is the use of coached malt enzymes that help significantly improve the taste of Beluga Gold Line. It is malt that gives this vodka a fuller "non-diluted" taste and favor.

Vodka Beluga Gold Line is not produced in bulk, its quantity is limited. This is an exclusive product. Its daily production is nine hundred bottles. If measured by the standards of modern liquor beverage production this quantity is extremely small, but highest and stable quality of the product is worth efforts taken for its production. An individual identification number is put manually on each bottle, which testifies to strict quality control of production.

A bottle of vodka Beluga Gold Line deserves special description. It has an austere and exquisite form, heavy bottom, and is made of optical crystal-pure French glass. A metal label and an exclusive 3D symbol of beluga fish are attached to each bottle manually.

The product is capped with an Italian cork "Camus", then a special mesh wire is put over a bottle neck and cork. On a final stage the cork is sealed with sealing wax and a seal. This element allows to preserve real quality and taste of the product. Each bottle goes with a special small wooden hammer with a brush used to remove sealing wax.

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Written by Vladimir Gelfand on 16th Jul 2021

Great service

Beluga gold line vodka
Written by Andy on 27th Jul 2020

Quality vodka and great price!!

Beluga Gold Line Vodka
Written by kyle Tipton on 7th Dec 2019

There is no doubt in my mind that this remains the finest vodka I have ever had. It is smooth with a very very small hint of sweetness. Compare this to Russian Standard Gold or Platinum, orJewel of Russia Ultra or CLIX. Beluga exceeds all of these in flavor. It may not be the best vodka that is produced in Russia but it is no doubt the best Russian Vodka that I am able to get in the USA.

Very good Russian Vodka
Written by Ryan on 13th Feb 2015

Very smooth vodka with no burn. And has a pleasant aroma. Comes in a very nice bottle and display. Looks nice on the bar.

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