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Spring is here and the outdoor entertaining season is right around the corner. Here are two terrific Italian specialty liqueurs that can be used in so many ways. Available in blueberry and strawberry with a decadent aroma and flavor and real fruit in every bottle, they can be savored straight- served in a cordial glass. 

Take your cocktails to a whole new level (strawberry margaritas!) and try them in classic recipes, or create your own new favorites. Splash some into a racy white wine like Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc, or in a glass of bubbly. For a real treat add this to a German wheat beer (like Paulaner Hefe Weizen) , or a Belgian style white beer (like Blue Moon). 

They are not just for drinking- for a culinary twist marinate fruit with them and spoon over ice cream or pastries. Or add a bit to your favorite barbeque sauce for a bold new twist. Let your imagination run wild and try a bottle of one or both!


10th Apr 2013


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