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Alto Del Carmen Pisco 750ML

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Alto Del Carmen Pisco
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Alto Del Carmen Pisco

Made of 100% Muscat grapes delicately aged six to eight months in 200 liter American oaks casks. Alto del Carmen is slowly distilled with the crystal-clear water from the high Andes, resulting in a transparent spirit with a delicate bouquet. Alto del Carmen is bottled with 400 years of tradition in every drop. Alto del Carmen are enjoyed straight and on the rocks, before, during and after dinner. 80 Proof



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  • 4

    Pisco Alto Del Carmen

    This product of Chile is outstanding!! Awesome in Pisco Sours, Mango sours, or with Coka Cola or Pepsi Cola (like a native). If you keep it in stock, I’ll continue buying it.

  • 5

    Alto dark Carmen Pisco

    Fantastic flavor!! Great with Pepsi or mixed as a Pisco Sour! Only Mistral is better from Chile.

  • 5


    Great chilean pisco! Better than the peruvian alternative

  • 5


    Much better than peruvian pisco, specially to mix it

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