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This week the New York Times' "Dining & Wine" section did an interesting feature on amber ale.  These terrific brews come in a range of styles, some hoppier than others, but all feature a rich and sweet maltiness that make them so easy to enjoy. These beers are also extremely food-friendly, working with everything from spicy Asian or Latin cuisine to backyard grilling favorites. We have three of the featured ales from the article- Lagunitas, Anderson Valley and Breckenridge. We also suggest the following:

Legbiter Ale- Unique! Mashed in Ireland, then brewed in America. Soft with a hint of butter and caramel.

Tyranena "Headless Man" Amber Alt- German style Alt or "Old Ale." Roasty sweetness with a whisp of molasses.

Capital Wisconsin Amber- Sweet and friendly style, like liquid caramel corn.

Bell's Amber Ale- The benchmark all other Ambers should be compared to. Aromatic with a touch of cocoa.

Deschutes Red Chair- this hoppier amber is new to town, but a classic. Rated the best beer in the world two out of the last three years!


We have several other top notch amber ales in stock, stop by or call us for our recommendation.




29th Mar 2013


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