400 Conejos Mezcal Espadin Joven 750ML

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Varietal/Type: Mezcal
Size: 750ML
Product of: Mexico


400 Conejos Mezcal Espadin Joven 750ML

Our mezcal is a distillate from the selection of the best agaves and produced by hand. Mezcal 400 Rabbits obtains its smoky agave flavor of great softness, this allows it to maintain an ideal balance in its alcohol levels.

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The elixir of Mexico
Written by Guillermo Ravelo on 29th Oct 2020

I can remember the specific date. May 11th 2017 that I was in restaurant in Polanco, Mexico City in my first ever visit that I was introduced to this elixir of life. I am not a very good tequila drinker at all to the point that another Guillermo comes out and he is a far braver man than I. My client asked me if I have ever tried Mezcal instead. "My friend in Mexico businessmen and professionals drink Mezcal. Mezcal is for deal closers!".....So he asked the waiter for a selection of four of the top Mezcals...the waiter brought out the four bottles and would tell the story of how it is produced and plus the family production history. All were good until I got to this beautiful bottle of 400 Conejos and frankly without an ounce of exaggeration my life changed. The smokey smell took me back times of my youth at the fire with my friends. Words such as tranquility, clarity and enlightenment came forward. Since that day I order or buy 10 bottles every two months. When I go to Mexican restaurants I ask for the bottle or take my own to share with the waiters and cooks. They know it's serious when you ask for this Mezcal. I have had friends state "I don't think I tasted as good as this before." I have sent this as birthday and wedding gifts to rave reviews. It has crashed many house parties with delight. I recommend to everyone on the edge of buying to just try once and be surprised.

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