Waterloo Texas Style

Waterloo Texas Style Gin 750ML

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Waterloo Texas Style Gin

"Our goal with Waterloo was to stay true to the traditional London Dry Gin style while still making the gin's Texas roots evident.  Waterloo Gin is a true Texas Native.

Waterloo is a distilled gin as opposed to a compound gin.  Distilled gins are made by placing the various botanicals into the column of a still while the wash is boiled.  The vaporized distillate then passes through the botanicals and absorbs the flavor.  A compound gin is made simply by steeping botanicals into neutral grain spirit.

We use local juniper, lavender, zest from oranges, lemons and grapefruits, rosemary, anise, coriander, licorice root, ginger root and pecans to flavor our brave gin.  The combination of flavors is big - we by no means intended to make this a soft or quiet gin.  The lavender, grapefruit and pecan are a departure from traditional gin recipes, but they give Waterloo the Texas flavor we wanted.  

We hope that you enjoy this latest elixir from our distillery, Treaty Oak Distilling Company." -Producer

750ML, USA

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