Murfatlar Pinot Noir

Murfatlar Pinot Noir

Brand: Murfatlar
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UPC: 5942002750758
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Varietal: Pinot Noir
Size: 750ML
Country of Origin: Romania
Product of: Romania
Varietal/Type: Pinot Noir (Red)
Size: 750ML
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Murfatlar Pinot Noir 750ML, Romania
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Good for a vodas
Written by Radu on 24th Nov 2014

What is a vodas ? Vodas is a mixt drink that is popular in Transylvania (a region of Romania) and you put half a glass of red wine (for example, this Romanian wine) and half with Coca Cola. I know, I know, mixing wine with anything else is a blasphemy :) but for people that don't enjoy the strong taste it takes the edge off. Also it's enjoyed by poor students as it's cheaper than a full glass of wine in clubs or bars :) I like it as it is but my wife likes it with Coca Cola :)

we just love it
Written by Mirela on 2nd Apr 2014

It's strong yet velvety and a bit sweet - and that keeps a nice balance. The price is excellent. Nice wine from a very popular winery in Romania.

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