Mastika Peshtera

Mastika Peshtera 750ML

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Product of: Bulgaria


Mastika Peshtera Liqueur

is a liquor seasoned with mastic, an organic substance that comes from a mastic tree. 750ML, Bulgaria

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If you like Ouzo try Mastika
Written by christo on 18th Jul 2012

I was a little skeptical at first because the bottle label gives little away as to the taste of the contents inside. It could be plain vodka or peppermint for all I knew. Anyway on my first taste I was hooked, this is some intense strong stuff. It is like the best of both worlds between Ouzo and Sambuca. It is (in my opinion) sweeter and more intensely licorice flavored than Ouzo but not cloyingly syrupy sweet like Sambuca. The mouthfeel is almost oily-in a good way-with the anise and fennel oils predominating the taste. diluted in water it opens up and gives some more spearment notes. All in all a great thing to try for those who like anise based drinks. I am glad I found this site, as I am in NJ and Mastika is difficult to find in shops here.

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