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Infusing for Dummies, or Smarties (as the case may be)

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Seems like everyone is doing it, right? Your weird neighbor with the wind chimes and the cotton skirts who hosts tribal dance parties every other Thursday night, Mark from HR, that guy with the bowties, even your mother – they’re all infusing.

And you’ve got a dinner party coming up? 

Grab some vodka, some fruits, herbs, or other infusers of your choosing, and place them in a glass bottle or jar.

Let the mason jar sit for 3-4 days.

Shake 1-2 times per day.

When the vodka is infused to your taste, strain out the solids through a cheese cloth, pouring the liquid into a fresh bottle or jar.

Voila. Ready to serve.

Here are some infusing suggestions:

Basil & mint







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